This college has an official map of the best napping spots on campus, and we could have used this when we were students

It’s generally frowned upon when students doze off in class — but one college knows that a solid balance of academics and midday naps are a recipe for success. That’s why the Rochester Institute of Technology has set up a Nap Spot Map — and, yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. Exhausted students can head to designated napping areas between classes to catch some zzz’s before hitting the books again.

In order to spare students the unpleasant experience of trying to snooze in a noisy or uncomfortable area, the map allows them to rate each napping location based on comfort, surrounding noise, foot traffic, and accessibility.

Something tells us high school students everywhere are frantically Googling “is it too late to apply to RIT?” But, not so fast — it’s one of the most academically rigorous schools in the country, so students really need those napping spots to give their brains a break in between engineering and science classes.

If you suddenly can’t imagine attending a college without a napping station, you’re in luck because they’re becoming more prevalent — other schools including the University of Miami, Texas A&M, Wake Forest, and the University of Michigan also have designated napping areas.


If other colleges want to keep up with the competition, they better step up their game and add napping stations STAT. After all, we absorb knowledge in our sleep — so it’s really a win-win situation.

Why didn’t this exist when we were in college?

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