This collar will tell you exactly what your dog is thinking

Admit it, dog lovers. You wish you could read your dog’s mind. We all sort of do, don’t we? Seriously, Fido. What were you thinking that time you decided to pry all the letter keys off my laptop with your teeth? (Yes, that actually happened, but I have changed the dog’s name. Privacy and all.)

Now it might actually be possible to know what’s going on in those cute furry heads. The INUPATHY is a new dog collar from Japan that can supposedly measure a dog’s emotions. It’s being billed as the first canine “mental visualizer.” In other words, it can tell you what your dog is thinking.

How exactly is this awesome magic possible? The collar measures the dog’s pulse, then Fido’s heart rate is analyzed according to special algorithms. Three cheers for science!


The collar then lights up in different colors according to how your dog is feeling. (Is anyone else thinking this sounds like a straight-up mood ring collar for dogs? It’s not just me, is it?)

If your dog is excited, the collar lights up red.


If he’s feeling chill, the collar lights up blue.


A white light means the dog is concentrating, and when he’s happy, the collar turns rainbow colored! Because of course it does.


The coolest part about the whole thing is that the collar syncs with your smart phone, so basically it’s like your dog is sending you texts. Who doesn’t want that??!


Joji Yamaguchi, who invented the INUPATHY (along with his Corgi, Akane, obvs) calls it a “window into your dog’s heart” (so much awwwww!) and says he created it to strengthen the bond between people and their pets.

Check out the video below to learn more.

BRB. Just got a tennis ball emoji text from my dog. I wonder what that means?

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