Colin Farrell’s sister basically proves their family totally wins the gene pool

Colin Farrell pretty much looks great in everything. Like, even when he rocks a simple muscle t-shirt while on a causal stroll with his sister Claudine, he’s attractive. Wait…you totally heard that correctly. The beauty and Fantastic Beasts’ star are a part of the same good-looking family, so no need to panic.

Look…we can’t get enough of good-looking, celebrity sibling duos! And Claudine and Colin seem to be extremely close, seeing as we always see them together, especially at Hollywood events. Throughout the years, the pair have graced the red carpets together, proving that the Farrell clan totally dominated the gene pool.

The Farrell siblings have been giving the red carpet life since the beginning of time.

The family members are crazy good looking. We’re convinced that it has to be something to do with the fresh Irish air.

Even with Colin’s boy band flare in this early 2000’s pic, the two still look awesome.

And this most recent picture of the sibling duo makes us highly envious of their skincare routines. They look perfect, and we’re so jealous.


We’re totally and shamelessly obsessed with celebrity siblings. Colin and Claudine have officially been added to our list of favorites to watch. It’s such a treat!