Cole Sprouse hacked his “Riverdale” co-star’s Twitter and successfully confused the internet

We love when stars live-tweet during the airing of their television show. It’s like we’re sitting there watching it with them! But last night during the new episode of Riverdale, KJ Apa’s live-tweet session kind of went off the rails.

After a series of strange tweets, fans finally realized that Cole Sprouse hacked his co-star’s Twitter account. Knowing that Apa hadn’t lost his mind, we can now go back and laugh at the mayhem.

There was no cause for suspicion when Apa tweeted out a countdown to when Riverdale aired. But when he inquired as to where Las Vegas was and then declared his love for dogs, we began to sense something was amiss.

We were kind of like “Ay…what the heck is going on here, Apa?”

And then we wondered if Apa was even watching the show at all or if he was too busy gorging on the New Zealand snack food spread, Marmite.

Yes, we want to know how you get your jaw so chiseled! But listen, we’re kind of in the middle of watching your show!

The madness continued and we were all at a loss.

That is… until Apa tweeted out something that confirmed that Apa was not in fact Apa. Duh, it was Sprouse all along!

Sprouse followed up with a bold move by tweeting about himself. We were all like, “You thought you could get away with this, ay?”

Then came the pictures —

And finally, justice was served.

This was like a three act dramatic play. Our nerves are shot and we’ve been reduced to uncontrollable laughter. Sprouse, you’re a menace, but please don’t ever change. Honestly, who doesn’t love a good Twitter hack once in a while?

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