Cole Sprouse still gets recognized for “Suite Life” even though we think he looks completely different

All these years later Cole Sprouse still gets recognized for Suite Life and Friends, and we get it, but like…he’s hella grown now, too.

On Tuesday, Sprouse attended the winter press tour for Television Critics Association for his new series, Riverdale, but he couldn’t escape his past.

While discussing the new CW drama, which is all about the Archie comics, in which Sprouse plays Jughead, he got a little sidetracked about his past TV ventures. Although we all first saw him as Adam Sandler’s adorable son in Big Daddy, his TV work is what still follows him…in a good way.

Plus, who could forget him as Ross Geller’s sweet son, Ben on Friends? He was so memorable when he would come over and Ross would try so hard to be a good dad.

Remember when Ross dressed as the Holiday Armadillo to teach Ben about the holiday spirit…so funny.


His biggest role however, at least on TV, was playing Cody on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney. He still doesn’t understand the fame that surrounds that one.

"It's insane. It's a mystery too because it's not like I have that blonde, shaggy bowl cut [from 'Suite Life of Zack and Cody'] anymore," Sprouse told


The 24-year-old actor does not have his same look from when he was on the Disney Channel series, Suite Life, or Suite Life on Deck, with his twin, Dylan. He traded in his sandy hair for dark wavvy tresses, which we love, btw.

"It actually surprises me how many people still recognize me," the NYU graduate told the publication. "It's flattering, of course, and with my brother it's non-stop too."


Even without his twin brother, who starred alongside him on their two Disney series in the past, he can’t really go anywhere without someone knowing who he is. That’s a fact that his new co-stars learned really quickly while out in New York City together.

“[Suite Life] was a family show, so people of all ages got to see it,” Sprouse said. “That’s the same target audience we’re hitting with Riverdale and I think this guy is going to have to deal with it at some point one way or another.”

While we can’t wait to see the actor solo on Riverdale when it premieres this month (January 26th), we will always remember him as that adorable blonde on Friends and Suite Life, too!