Cole Sprouse Opened Up About the One Simple Tip That Helps With His Mental Health

He also told 'Vogue' which role is his favorite he ever played.

Cole Sprouse has been an advocate for mental health since day one. However, mental health is one of the areas where it could be easier to shell out advice than to actually put it into practice. Given everything that’s happened this past year and spending much of that time in solitude, taking care of our mental wellbeing has never been more important. And Sprouse’s number one trick to keeping his mental health in check might help you, too. 

In a recent “73 Questions” interview with Vogue magazine, Sprouse spoke candidly and openly about his mental health and the measures he has set in place to keep it in line. For example, his non-negotiable way of preserving his mental health is staying off the internet. Which, if you were to ask us, is so much easier said than done, so kudos to you, Cole! 

The Riverdale actor also said it’s important to be open and vulnerable with friends and family about where his mental health is at. 

Another fun fact you might not have known about Sprouse: he journals every day. “Every day! [I] write to my therapist,” he quipped. Through therapy, the actor has learned that he’s “a bit of an emotional sponge [and that he tends to] absorb others energies.” 

Through his self-discovery and with the help of therapy, Sprouse took a whole year off social media and refocused that energy into cooking.

Sprouse has also recently gotten into podcasting and producing. He points to Adam Sandler, whom he starred alongside in Big Daddy, as one of his biggest mentors, especially when he was just getting started. 

“It was the way that he was always in love with production and he worked with his friends and his family and he was still able to turn and do more independent films and artistic films, while balancing commercialism,” the actor continued.

He was only 6 years old during Big Daddy, which Sprouse calls one of his most challenging roles to date. However, it did have a long-lasting, positive effect on him, as it later inspired him to move to New York City as a young adult. 

When it came time to reminisce on his favorite role, Sprouse had nothing but a big smile and sweet things to say about his character Cody from Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, which he filmed with his twin brother, Dylan.

“I know it sounds cheesy, but I still have a really deep fondness for The Suite Life.”

But honestly, who doesn’t? Unfortunately, a reboot isn’t on the horizon; however we can’t wait to see Sprouse’s next project.

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