Cole Sprouse gave his brother Dylan a, um, really bizarre Christmas gift

The Sprouse twins are total #siblinggoals. They are also hilarious on Twitter, always giving their fans an inside look at their relationship complete with friendly ribbing. This latest glimpse is maybe the best yet: Cole Sprouse’s Christmas gift to his brother Dylan is…something. Just wait until you see what he got his twin.

To put it simply, Riverdale‘s resident weirdo has a wry sense of humor, and apparently it translates to his gift-giving. This Christmas, he bought the Zack to his Cody a poster with an anatomically correct illustration of a penis. If you’re thinking, “huh???” — well, you’re not alone.

The best part, however, has to be the text exchange between the two Sprouse brothers regarding the curious gift.

Dylan was, understandably, a little bemused by the poster.


Cole had an illuminating response to Dylan’s inquiry about what to do with this rather strange addition to his art collection: “Hang it. In your study.” Makes sense.

As ever, the fan reactions are honestly the best part. false

Asking the tough questions.

We guess she has a point. false

Now this person is thinking practically. false

Jughead probably wouldn’t approve of those typos.

The gift also inspired some solid dirty jokes. false

But not everyone was amused.

We have to wonder if this was the only gift Cole left under the tree for his brother. Jokes are well and good, but he couldn’t have slipped him a nice J. Crew sweater as well?

Cole Sprouse is a notorious joker, so perhaps we should have seen this coming. After all, his Twitter is completely hilarious. false

Gifting his brother a penis diagram is pretty much classic Cole.

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