Cole Sprouse agrees with all of us that Daisy Ridley is his *other* celebrity twin

The Sprouse twins—Dylan and Cole Sprouse—have officially dethroned Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as everybody’s favorite famous twins. Dylan (currently blonde) owns a meadery in New York, and Cole (currently brunette) stars as Jughead Jones on Riverdale. Although these two share a lot of facial similarities—they are identical twins after all—some have argued that Cole, and Cole alone, may have another twin: Daisy Ridley. And TBH, Cole is seems to be as convinced as we are.


People online have believed that Ridley, who plays Rey in the most recent Star Wars films, is part of the Sprouse family since at least 2016. There’s just something about her eyes, nose, mouth, entire face, that just screams Cole Sprouse. It’s eerie (and we mean this as a compliment to both beautiful parties). We’re honestly shocked we didn’t notice how much these two look alike before now.

We’re warning you: Once you see these two side-by-side, you’ll never be able to unsee the similarities.

Turn back now if you’re easily weirded out. false

Is it wacko of us to say that they have the exact same teeth? Sorry, but they do!

If this isn’t Jughead being angsty while wearing denim, then…


This is Cole Sprouse in a wig. Wait, no—this is Daisy Ridley in a wig. Wait, no. WHO is in the wig?

No, we’re not telling you that. Because, we’re absolutely unsure which witch is which, if you catch our drift.

Even Cole Sprouse himself had to get in on the goof. According to MTV, he uploaded a picture of Ridley (or…was it a selfie?), captioning it, “Just a nice photo of me.” Brother Dylan commented, “That’s me smfh.” But, because he’s is the king of deleting comedic posts that don’t quite fit with his overall Instagram aesthetic, the post has since been booted off the ‘gram.

Then again, maybe its disappearance is all part of a larger conspiracy. Cue the Twilight Zone theme song.

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