This might be Coldplay’s last album (but, consolation prize- Beyoncé)

I have good news, and I have bad news. The good news is that Coldplay’s new album, A Head Full of Dreams, will be released on December 4 and features a collaboration with the queen of music and our hearts, Beyoncé. So odds are, this might be the best Coldplay album of all time. The bad news is that this album might be their last.

Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin explained to BBC Radio that this seventh installment is comparable to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. “I have to think of it as the final thing we’re doing otherwise we wouldn’t put everything into it,” he said last December. “It’s our seventh thing and the way we look at it is like the last Harry Potter book or something. Not to say there might not be another thing one day but this is the completion of something.”

Calling A Head Full of Dreams a metaphorical final Harry Potter book doesn’t exactly scream finality: JK Rowling can’t seem to stop expanding the wizarding universe, but I guess what Chris Martin means is that the members of Coldplay have grown up together and are ready to pursue new careers as Aurors, I mean, musicians.

The group released the audio of their first single, “Adventure of a Lifetime,” which will be the fifth song on the album.

Other song titles include, “Birds,” “Hymn for the Weekend,” and “Amazing Day.” While there’s no official word on which track features Queen Bey, my bets are on “Amazing Day,” because obviously. I’m also harboring a secret wish that A Head Full of Dreams contains the finished score from Game of Thrones, The Musical, although copyright laws might stand in the way of that dream coming true.

Unlike when they debuted their last album, Ghost Stories, Coldplay will tour with the music from A Head Full of Dreams. After two straight years in the studio, the band is excited to get back on the road. In the same BBC Radio interview, Chris Martin said, “I think this tour will finally have a set list where we feel good about it from start to finish.”

The questions on everyone’s minds are obviously, 1. “Will Beyoncé go on tour with Coldplay?” and 2. “Why is Beyoncé holding a chicken?”

Probably because … she can.

Luckiest chicken on Earth right there.

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