All the thoughts we had after learning Coldplay is headlining the Halftime Show

So, Coldplay is officially headlining the Halftime Show at Super Bowl 50, and our brains are abuzz with questions and thoughts. Let’s work through them together.

To set the stage: The game is being played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. This is a big year for the Super Bowl — it’s turning 50! — so big things are expected. The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell went on record back in 2012 saying the 50th was going to be “spectacular,” so it’s gonna be huge.

Here are just a few of the things that crossed our mind upon learning this Coldplay news.

Wait, Coldplay is a pretty mellow band.
So what’s their performance at the most upbeat concert of the year going to be like? Because Coldplay is pretty darn chill; their performances don’t scream “fireworks and confetti” like most Super Bowl performances do. Will there be backup interpretive dancers? Will it be a mellow jam sesh?

Hmm. What’s the set list going to be like?
Coldplay has a new album out today called A Head Full of Dreams and we’ll probably be hearing some of it come the Halftime Show in February. But we hope they’ll play some of their greatest hits, too.

We want to know who the other performers are!
Coldplay was announced as the headliner, but the NFL says the Halftime Show will feature multiple acts. We just don’t know exactly who yet. We also don’t know if we’ll find out, or if we’ll have to wait to watch it unfold live. Can you imagine if Adele descended from the ceiling, mid-show?

Wouldn’t it be rad if Coldplay dueted with past Halftime Show performers?
And if they brought back Katy? And Beyoncé? That would be great, thanks.

Maybe they’ll do something cool with that whole “50th annual” thing.
This is Super Bowl 50, after all. There’s gotta be something cool that Coldplay can incorporate into their performance with the number 50. Maybe 50 interpretive dancers? Perform 50 songs in the allotted 15 minutes? How about a “50 Shades of Yellow” theme?

If nothing else, hopefully Left Shark will make an appearance.
To this day, Left Shark is still a reigning pop culture reference. And he should definitely come back for Super Bowl 50, and every Super Bowl to come.

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