This minute-long video of Cole Sprouse eating a hamburger is making us feel things

Looking for some burger-related content to get you through to your next meal? Well, Netflix has you covered. Now they’ve provided a background video that anyone can enjoy. And what is it? Cole Sprouse eating a hamburger, obviously. And you’re going to wanna watch it on repeat.

One of Riverdale‘s biggest mysteries has finally been solved. And no, we’re not talking about who killed Jason Blossom, but the other big mystery of the show. When will Jughead finally eat a burger?! In Archie Comics, Jughead is basically always eating so fans have been waiting for Jughead to finally eat — which he spends A LOT of time at Pop’s not doing.

The answer came in the finale of Riverdale Season 1, because Cole Sprouse took a bite out of a hamburger and became the most Jughead he’d ever been.


But since that wasn’t enough for us, Netflix released a full one-minute video of Cole eating a hamburger. An entire video of just Cole Sprouse eating a hamburger, and yes, they for sure read our dream journal for this one.


And it’s in slow motion…


…with sexy music.


And yes, this is exactly what we needed today…and maybe tomorrow too. Cole looks like he’s about to burst into a laugh at how ridiculously wonderful this whole situation is, but he totally pulls it off.


Watch the full video here:

Season 1 of Riverdale will hit Netflix on May 18th, so you can relive all of the madness again and again as we eagerly await Season 2.


Cole totes wants you to. See, he even winked at you!