“Cold Girl” Makeup Is The Hottest New Makeup Trend You Need to Try

Want a flushed face that screams ski bunny? Here are our fave tutorials on the latest makeup craze.

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It seems like every other day, there’s a new makeup trend going viral. With winter bearing down on much of the country, this one comes along at just the right time.

#Coldgirlmakeup has amassed more than 16 million views on TikTok and still climbing. The idea is to look like you just spent an hour or two outside in the cold, frigid air – rosy cheeks, red nose, and all.

Here’s a roundup of our fave tutorials showing how you can get the “cold girl” makeup look, no matter what climate you live in.

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TikToker @alice_nevins shows the simple look in just a few steps. First, you apply your favorite foundation using a brush, and blend in a circular motion all over your face. Then, you apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, and blend.

Next, you mix a red and pink blush, and dust over the tip of your nose. Finish with an under-eye concealer, and a white powder to blend. She takes it a step further and layers a highlighter on top of the red-tipped nose, to tone it down, then up over the bridge of the nose, and inner corners of the eyes.

Finish with a pink gloss, two coats of mascara, and a clear mascara to keep brows in place.


@reitxmakeup has a different idea in her tutorial. She puts the blush on first (applying over the entire cheek and the tip of the nose) and then she puts a cream foundation over it, to tone it all down. She finishes with a powder to set, a creamy highlighter on eyelids and corners of eyes for a frosty look, and some mascara and a pink lip gloss.



Replying to @okeylezzgoo late to the trend but so glad I tried this look! such a vibee #imcoldmakeup #coldgirlmakeup #viralmakeuptrend #makeuptutorial

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Influencer @stxph.h tells her 1.7 million followers “this is basically a no-makeup makeup look except hella blush, and hella sparkles.” She starts by applying foundation all over her face, and concealer, then blends with a sponge. She follows that with a pink “cool tone” blush, which she applies in areas that naturally blush when she gets cold.

Then, she whips out a massive eyeshadow palette and applies a white shade all-over lids, using a brush. Next, she takes her ring finger and presses it onto a shimmery shade, and presses that onto her lids.

She takes the same shade and applies it to inner corners of the eyes, and across the bottom of her eye (like a liner) using the brush. Using a clear glitter gloss, she applies to the back of her hands and then dabs the brush into it, using it above eyelids up to the brow line for an “extra icy” look.

She completes the look with a powder highlighter applied to cheekbones and bridge of the nose. She explains the idea is for the eyes and lips to look “wet,” so she finishes the whole thing off with a “juicy balm.”



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If the above options are too complicated or time-consuming for you, @citycyn says she has a better way. “I feel like people are complicating the ‘I’m Cold’ makeup look,” she shares. In an easier way (and using ColourPop Cosmetics), she says all you need to do is your base or foundation like you normally would, then take a highlighter (she uses Flexitarian Supershock Highlighter), and apply to inner corners of eyes.

Then, take your blush and apply to apples of cheeks, trying to make it “as natural as possible.” Next, over line lips with a red lip liner, and fill in with a pinkey gloss. Voila!

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