Coke Zero will be phased out soon, so you may want to stock up

Bad news for fans of this popular Coke product. Coke Zero is going away in August, and is expected to be replaced by a similar, yet not quite the same product called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The new soda has already been on shelves internationally, and according to the company, has been a strong seller.

The news is surprising since Coke Zero sales actually grew by about 3.5% last year, according to Jay Willis from GQ. Since Coke Zero also has a loyal fanbase, many aren’t taking this news lightly.

In fact, fans have decided to post a few eulogies and memories on Twitter.


While we’re not sure what Coke Zero Sugar is all about just yet, its packaging states the drink will have a “new improved taste.” According to Ad Age, Beverage Digest editor Duane Stanford stated that Coke Zero Sugar has “the same ingredient lineup as Coke Zero in the same order,” but noted that the added natural flavors may just “help ingredients interact with each other in a more flavorful way.”

Ad Age also said that Coca-Cola will be promoting the new product heavily between the months of September and December.

"We recognized an opportunity to give the brand another boost and to encourage more Coca-Cola fans to try a great-tasting zero-sugar product," a blog post released by Coca-Cola stated. "Consistent with moves we’ve already made successfully in more than 25 markets around the world, we’re changing the name to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to be as clear and descriptive as possible about the product and the promise that it delivers great Coca-Cola taste without sugar."

At least we have a few days to stock up before the big change takes place.