Coke is adding fiber to its recipe, so like, it’s kind of healthy?

We love ourselves an ice cold Coca-Cola every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean we’re not aware of all that sugar. Well, according to GrubStreet, Coca-Cola has added fiber to coke in its Japanese market in an attempt to appeal to the more health-conscious. Wait, what?

Yup, this revamped concoction is called Coke Plus, and it includes five grams of “indigestible Dextrin” (AKA fiber). So it’s kind of healthier, because fiber is important in helping maintain good cholesterol levels and digestive health. But it’s still a full-sugar soda…so let’s not go too crazy with any “nutritious” label. (The company recommend drinking only one a day, fyi).

And while Coke Plus is currently only available in Japan, you never know — if it gets popular enough we could be seeing it in stores.

And in case you were wondering, reactions seem mixed.


Dig the new packaging though!

We’re not gonna like, this is kind of just making us crave a regular old (fiber-free) coke.

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Is that a crime?

As for this whole Coke Plus thing, we guess we give the company kudos for trying to evolve with the times. Although maybe some things aren’t meant to be tampered with, and maybe we shouldn’t be getting our daily fiber count from soda.

Only time will tell on this one…