I used a coffee undereye mask for one week and the results weren’t what I expected


If there’s one thing I’m insecure about, it’s my undereye circles. They’re right there on my face, reminding me of all the times I’ve had trouble falling asleep (there have been many). To combat this, I’ve tried my hardest to go to bed an hour, two hours early. I’ve taken naps. I’ve upped my water intake and have even given various undereye creams a try. Yet, no matter how hard I try, these dark, puffy rings under my eyes never seem to budge.  That’s why I was more than willing to try something new and different: A coffee undereye mask!

The Ingredients:


In a YouTube video posted by Simplecare Products, the above three ingredients were recommended for an undereye mask of sorts (one that must be used consistently, since it’s not a permanent solution). According to the description, the coffee is anti-inflammatory, the peppercorns help with circulation, the coconut oil is meant to release and hold the coffee and peppercorn oils, and a bit of water is used to help transport nutrients into the skin. After mixing equal parts of these three kitchen items together, one is meant to leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes before gently washing the mixture off with a soft cloth.

Personally, I didn’t feel comfortable putting a ton of peppercorns on my sensitive skin, so I used just a pinch. In the video, it is said that you should adjust the measurements to suit your skin type, so that’s exactly what I did.



My roommate said I look like a Snapchat filter:


Day 1


After washing the undereye mask off the night prior, my eye area felt much more hydrated than normal. This feeling continued into the next day and, though I didn’t notice any physical differences, I have to admit that my undereye area didn’t feel as puffy and tired.

Day 2


I had trouble sleeping and you can definitely see the exhaustion underneath my eyes. Even the coffee eye mask couldn’t combat the fact that I was tired (and probably dehydrated). My eye area no longer felt moisturized and the puffiness returned with a vengeance.

Day 3


The puffiness definitely went down a notch on Day 3, but I still didn’t notice any major differences. If anything, I feel that getting more sleep is what helped the puffiness go down. As for the darkness under my eyes, it’s definitely still there.

Day 4


On Day 4, I noticed that the lines directly underneath my bottom lashes were more pronounced. Maybe because the coffee undereye mask was too heavy and was stretching my skin? Maybe because I was still being affected by my lack of sleep? At this point, I began to dislike the mask, especially since it was taking up time and I felt as though it wasn’t really doing anything special.

Day 5


My undereye region wasn’t as dark on this day, but once again, I credit that to the amount of sleep I got the night before. As time went on, I also noticed that the undereye mask wasn’t tightening or hydrating my skin as much as it did on the first day.

Day 6


Still no difference. However, when washing the mask off the night before, I began to feel warmth underneath my eye – because there were more pepper kernels in the mix I used. I wonder if this was a good thing or bad thing? Maybe it helped my circulation some?

Day 7


From this angle, you can see that my undereye circles are still there and as puffy as they were on Day 1. Luckily, the lines beneath my lashes weren’t as noticeable as they were on Day 4, but the darkness was just as, well… dark as ever.

The Verdict

While I find the concept to be interesting, I don’t feel that this mask actually improved the condition of my undereye circles. On the first day, I definitely felt something, but I think that’s because I have sensitive skin and it was trying to adjust to this new product. Otherwise, what actually helped was the amount of sleep I got throughout the week. I noticed that my undereyes felt and looked better when I was sleeping regularly, which is something I feel no mask can live up to.

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