Coffee is not a magic cure for all the bad things alcohol does to your body

Science is truly an amazing thing. You may have read a new report floating around recently touting the claim that drinking coffee could actually reverse or repair damage done to the liver from alcohol consumption. We are here to tell you that while this may be true, it is certainly not a cure for all of the other damaging effects alcohol has on your body (as some people on social media appear to believe).

In a recent study, researches found a link between drinking coffee and a reduced risk of liver cirrhosis. As reported by Forbes, the link they found when analyzing over 430,000 people was fairly significant.

O.J. Kennedy, the study’s author, tells Forbes:

So for people at high risk of cirrhosis, this could be a great discovery. The harmful thinking comes into play when people assume they can negate all of the harm that’s been done to their body from alcohol consumption by throwing an extra cup of Joe into their diet.

Some people on Twitter and other social media outlets seem to think that this new discovery means drinking more is totally okay for their health now. Coffee is not a miracle worker! In addition to cirrhosis of the liver, alcohol abuse is also linked to heart disease, cancer, and dementia, and no amount of coffee is going to undo that damage.

Hey, we’re not saying you need to give up that glass of wine you drink nightly while binge-watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix for the third time, but you should be conscious about how much alcohol you’re consuming and the affects it could have. The point is, the newly discovered coffee benefit should not encourage you to booze it up even more. Be smart, be informed, and please drink responsibly.

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