Here’s why we should start rationing coffee and finding alternatives ASAP

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but coffee lovers out there are about to be hit with a hard truth. The Climate Institute has just released a report that says the rising temperatures due to global warming could cause serious damage to coffee farmland. By 2050, researchers predict that only half the current farming land will be suitable for growing coffee beans. The higher the temps rise, the more plant-damaging fungi will take over and ruin crops. (Sounds kind of like a horror movie, doesn’t it?)

In simpler words, it’s believed that 2080 will be the year that coffee goes extinct and life as we know it will change forever.


If you’re thinking to yourself, Hey that’s okay, I probably won’t be drinking coffee that much when I’m 80 anyway, you’re not out of the woods yet. Climate changes could potentially affect the taste and scent of coffee right now — as in, today. You might not be able to find a heart-stoppingly delicious cup of joe like you used to back in the good ol’ days.

Additionally, because the quality is on the decline and there is less good stuff out there, the prices will only continue to rise. This is going to affect the coffee industry as a whole as well, meaning many people around the world could lose their main source of income in the near future. Not cool.


So, all you devoted coffee drinkers, now might be a good time to try your hand at the alternatives. Chai lattes are pretty damn good. So are green teas. Both of them have a pretty hefty amount of caffeine in them. In the meantime, in order to give coffee a sexy send-off, you might as well get your butt to Dunkin’ Donuts and request all the coffee beverages. Enjoy it while you can.

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