Old coffee grounds are helping combat water shortages in Africa in a really cool way

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone created water from throwaway items? Think of all the coffee grounds, rice, and other organic materials otherwise wasted. This will soon be a reality thanks to the groundbreaking idea from German-based nonprofit, Enactus.

They developed a water filtration system that transforms clay into water!

Once the clay mixes with organic materials (like coffee grounds, etc.) and is heated, the final product is clean water. This is a great product for nations struggling for something as basic (and necessary) as water.


The way it works is simple: The organic materials and clay are heated, eventually burning off. They then leave micropores, removing gross impurities. After this, they add silver nitrate so there’s no nasty bacteria left behind (because that can make people sick). It’s that simple!

The final product is clean, drinkable water for the whole family! The company says the product produces upwards 20 liters of water, or more, overnight. Just think of all the families to benefit from this hydrating contraption!


While the water filtration system isn’t on the market yet, it’s been thoroughly tested. The company hopes to have the units crafted by entrepreneurs. This gives the contractor an important cause to be part of while making money, so it’s a win-win.

The main concept is in favor of recycling dirty water and other things into something usable. It’s not only cost-effective, but also more feasible than sourcing newer, clean sea water. The company says each unit sells for about $28 (roughly the cost of 6 lattes) with a shelf life of two years.

In a world where the most basic life necessities, such as food, water, and shelter, aren’t always readily available, we think this is one idea worth getting behind!

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