Americans’ venti-sized coffee cravings are now breaking records

Most people enjoy a nice cup (or two…or three) of coffee in the morning to kickstart their day. But apparently, Americans are consuming more coffee than ever before. Four out of five people in the US now drink coffee, and the demand for both large scale coffee shops and small cafes, as well as drive-through coffee for people on the road, is increasing. Not to mention, the actual beans to make the coffee.

Brazil is the world’s top grower and exporter of coffee beans, but they’re currently experiencing political chaos due to their President being suspended from office. They’re going through a recession as well, so their economy is fragile to say the least, and that could affect the coffee business. Then there’s the issue of detrimental weather that has hurt coffee plants and further tightened the market.

What could this mean? Price increases, worse conditions for workers, and even coffee shortages, in the long term. Seriously, we need to get on this. America is crazy enough right now without us all being caffeine deprived.

In the middle of all this, people in the US want to mix things up and have their coffee cravings met with fun and adventurous options! You know, like what Starbucks is doing with their mega-popular secret menu Rainbow drinks. And to keep up with the demand for all the different types of coffee, prices have of course risen.

Okay! So most of us have coffee cravings, that’s no secret. But coffee stores also knows how to promote their stuff in a big way. How can you resist this in 100-degree summer heat? false false

The moral of the story is probably to remember your willpower, and keep the fulfillment of daily coffee cravings at a reasonable figure. After all it does contain caffeine, which isn’t the best thing for us.