Because we love you, here’s the right way to store your coffee beans

Where do you store your coffee beans? If you’re like us and pretty much everyone we know, it’s probably in a bag on the counter next to the coffee maker.

Or maybe a cute vintage canister that says “Le Cafe” on it that you found in a Parisian junk shop—if so, great find, girlfriend! But no matter how cute or utilitarian the canister in which you store your beans, if those beans are not being stored in a certain place, you’re doing a great disservice to your precious coffee.

Now it’s time for the quiz: if your coffee beans shouldn’t be kept out on the counter, where should they be? Drumroll please…

Your coffee beans (and your grinds, too) should be stored in the freezer.

That’s right: if you love coffee (and we know you do) and want to get the best flavor possible out of your java at home, the best place for your beans to be is in the freezer. Why? Because cold beans grind differently.

As you grind them, they become smaller and more uniform than beans ground from room temperature, which makes for way smoother, more flavorful coffee. And who doesn’t want smoother, more flavorful coffee?

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go craft a cozy, intimate home in the freezer for our precious beans. Coffee gives us so much—energy, excitement, a reason to get up in the morning—that it’s really the least we can do.

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