This super-strain of coffee can keep you up for 18-hours straight

I’m one of those people who can’t function without caffeine. I start the day with a good old fashioned cup of coffee, grab Starbucks or something a couple hours later, and when I need a mid-afternoon pick me up, I make another cup (or two) and hope it takes me through the end of the work day.

However, thanks to some mad scientist baristas at Viscous Coffee in Australia, this new *super-strain* of coffee is designed to keep you up and alert pretty much all day (and night). According to CNN, the coffee drink is a “concoction of four espresso shots, two different strengths of cold drip and milk that its inventor says contains 80 times the amount of caffeine of a standard shot.”

Try to wrap your head around that one — EIGHTY times the amount of a standard shot of espresso! I actually have a headache just thinking about consuming any fraction of that amount! To put it in perspective, the “Asskicker” has 10 times more caffeine than a venti coffee from Starbucks and 17 times more caffeine than a large coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

The coffee drink also comes with a health warning and is designed to be “sipped over 3-4 hours,”  but holy cow, I think I’ll stick just making a pot of coffee the old fashioned way .