This cocker spaniel with a mohawk has adventures so cute that we’re crying

While we’ll be soul-siblings with our cats until the very end, we can’t deny the super soft spot we have for dogs. There’s just something so innocent and loving about their warm hearts and love-filled eyes that gets our sweeter side. So when we met Oakley, a cocker spaniel based in Cheshire, UK, we fell *instantly* in love. According to his bio, he’s been “stealing slippers, smothering faces and chasing birds since 2015,” and his adventures are readily available on Instagram, making him a perfect pet for those of us who like ours virtual.

Here’s the best of this mohawked pup!

1. Guys, meet Oakley


2. And now meet him as a BABY

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

3. He’s such a sweetie


4. He has such grand adventures!

We love pet adventures more than anything!

5. Like hangin’ with his pals

The cutest crew.

6. Running wild


7. Napping, because it’s a tough life being a pup

We love naps too, pup.

8. Seeing the world

And being a flawless fluff all the while.

9. Swimming summer away

As summer should be spent.

10. Posing for the camera

Teach us your ways!

11. Texting the squad

The cuteness is unbearable.

12. And, of course, working on his mohawk

Oh hey, style goals!

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