Cobie Smulders has something to say about the possibility of a “How I Met Your Mother” reunion, and we’re all ears

Attention, comedy fans! Cobie Smulders is starring in a television comedy about a group of friends again. No, it’s not a How I Met Your Mother redux. It’s the new Netflix series Friends From College, about a group of friends who (you guessed it) met in college. We’re already stoked about the possibility of Smulders getting her comedy on again.

Of course, no interviewer worth their salt would pass up the chance to ask Cobie about the possibility of a HIMYM reunion.

Revivals of dearly beloved shows are all the rage these days, and it’s not unfair to ask about it happening with the lovable gang from HIMYM. After the show’s nine-season run, many fans were left wanting more from their beloved characters. There’s even been talks of a How I Met Your Father spinoff. But Smulders has a different take on a How I Met Your Mother reunion, as she told E! Online.

"I think it's too soon for "How I Met Your Mother."We're still airing on Netflix. But maybe down the road, maybe."

Well, that’s probably a good point. The show only ended in 2014. All the cast members have moved into a ton of different projects in the past three years, so it’s not like they’d be itching to get more work in.

Reunions work best when it’s been a long enough period of time for the nostalgia to truly set in. Hey, it took us almost ten years to get another glimpse into the world of Stars Hollow with the Gilmore Girls revival. And if that’s what it takes before we get everyone on board for How I Met Your Mother, it seems like the wait could be worth it.

We do too, Ted. But don’t be too discouraged — a “maybe” is not a “no,” after all. So if Smulders isn’t ruling it out just yet, we aren’t, either. There’s definitely still hope!

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