Here’s what you should know about that Coachella-themed Urban Outfitters look

We all love festival fashion. Nothing says summer quite like beautiful frocks, boots, and jewelry. But Urban Outfitters is facing legal trouble over a festival fashion collection — and it’s because of the name.

Urban Outfitters’ sister brand Free People is (or was) allegedly using the name “Coachella” illegally. And we’re super sad about this dust-up, because the clothes are adorbs.

Goldenvoice — the company behind Coachella — has filed a lawsuit in response.

According to LA Weekly, the lawsuit says that Urban Outfitters is violating trademark law. The lawsuit claims that Free People is selling at least four clothing items named “Coachella.” One of these is a “Coachella Valley Tunic.” (Note: We looked up the tunic on Free People’s website, and it seems to have been taken down.)

The lawsuit also names Free People’s “Bella Coachella” line. Retailers including Amazon, Macy’s, and Zappos carry this line.

Additionally, the lawsuit says the word “Coachella” is found in Free People website meta tags and keyword advertisements from Google. This means that people searching for “Coachella” on Google may see Free People products in the search results. Additionally, according to Rolling Stone, the lawsuit says Free People uses a font “evocative” of the Coachella font.

According to the lawsuit, Goldenvoice sent a cease-and-desist letter that was ignored.

Furthermore, Goldenvoice notes that Coachella already has a deal with H&M. The lawsuit also indicates that Coachella is “extremely selective” with licensing agreements.

The lawsuit asks for the court to stop Urban Outfitters from using the Coachella trademark.

Furthermore, it also asks for damages. According to LA Weekly, this includes “all profits Urban Outfitters has made from those products.”

So far, neither Urban Outfitters nor Coachella has publicly commented on the lawsuit.

Listen, we adore us some festival fashion, and of COURSE we have more than a few Urban Outfitters wardrobe treasures. We hope this legal stuff blows over between the festival and one of its biggest fans, and we can all enjoy festival season in our festival clothes without any bad blood.

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