If you’re going to Coachella, here are all the things you actually need to pack

Coachella is nearly upon us, and it’s time to start making a game plan to get the most out of the weekend. From Friday to Sunday, you’ll be out in the sun enjoying live music from some of the best — Drake, Florence + The Machine, Hozier, and about one million other amazing artists. But if you’re really going to do Coachella like a pro, you need to think ahead and come right. While you’re tossing your Frisbees (do people still play with Frisbees?) and your headbands into a backpack, keep this list of things you need to have handy.

SPF everything — Sunglasses, lip balm, lotion, leave-in conditioner if it’s made with SPF. Skin health is super important, and you’re going to be getting a lot of rays. Plus, nothing will cramp your style like looking like a lobster.

Wet Wipes — Did I mention the sun? And the dancing? You’re gonna feel a little grimy. Keep some wipes handy for a quick faux-shower so you can keep moving without feeling like a swamp beast.

Ear plugs — I know, you’re there to rock. But take some ear plugs anyway. If not for during a set you’re standing through in order to be in front the next act, then for when you’re trying to fall asleep in your tent and your neighbors are being loud.

Plastic utensils — Stop by the grocery store and pick up some camping forks and spoons. And grab some plates and cups while you’re at it. It will make your life easier by a mile.

A sweatshirt — During the day you can rock as many fringed crop tops as your heart desires, but the desert is cold when the sun goes down and you don’t want to be cold. I sound like your mom but she was right so grab a sweater.

Bandana/scarf — The multi-tool you’ll be glad you have. Use it as a place to sit, to wipe off spilled beer from the dude dancing next to you, as an emergency eye mask when you need to catch some shut eye, like, immediately.

Dry shampoo — Another way to feel clean-ish: live by dry shampoo. Plus it will give your hair that messy, textured festival look without the ‘I haven’t showered in days’ feeling.

Closed toe shoes — Just a pair of flats, or some Toms, or some other shoe that won’t leave your toes exposed will make a huge difference when the sun goes down and/or someone dances on your feet and causes a slight injury. Have them handy as a fallback, and you won’t be sorry when a dancing disaster strikes.

What must-haves are you going to toss in your bag?

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