18 Coachella quotes that make for a festival-ready Instagram caption

It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of year again, but Coachella is back, y’all. Starting April 13th, the music festival — which spans two weekends — kicks off again. If you’re planning to go, chances are it’s something you’ve been looking forward to for months…and something that you’re planning on capturing every minute of to share with your social media followers. If that’s you, don’t worry: we’ve lined up so many Coachella quotes/Instagram captions that would be perfect for any posts you’re going to share from the festival.

If you get to go to Coachella, you’re super lucky — what sounds like more fun than hanging out with your friends, and listening to some of your favorite bands and musicians in the desert (and, usually, running into some celebs while you do it)? Even though the rest of us, who won’t be there, are definitely jealous, it’s good that we get to live through all the fun posts that everyone in attendance will undoubtedly share.

Need a caption? One of these Coachella quotes should definitely do the trick. Happy ‘gramming — and don’t forget to put your phone away so you can live in the moment while you’re there, too.

1. If you’re feeling some kind of way about being at Coachella:

2. This quote about music:

3. Coachella as a metaphor for your life:

4. This quote from Led Zeppelin:

5. The best way of losing yourself:

6. What Jack White said at Coachella:

7. If you’re there to do some major healing:

8. If you’re taking the bohemian approach:

9. For anyone who’s a headband person, but only at Coachella:

10. A magical experience:

11. This David Bowie quote:

12. Feeling free:

13. If you and your squad are planning on getting your booze on:

14. Getting in tune with nature:

15. Singing your own song:

16. In the words of William Shakespeare:

17. Coachella can be very healing:

18. Music speaks:

Have a blast, post tons of pictures, and wear sunscreen!

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