17 Coachella memes that are hilarious, even if you aren’t going to the festival

On April 13th, Coachella will, once again, kick off in Indio, California — and it seems the world is currently split into three groups of people: those who are going, those who wish they were going, and those who think the whole festival is hilarious. This third group? That’s where the internet comes in. Surprisingly enough, there are so many Coachella memes out there because like it or not, the festival has become a bit of a phenomenon.

To some, hanging out in the desert for two weekends in a row sounds like a blast…and to others, the lack of indoor bathrooms can be a major roadblock in deciding to drop some serious $$$ on tickets. But you can’t argue that it’s definitely a unique experience, and for some people, that’s everything.

Whether you’re excited to go camp out and listen to your favorite music live with your BFFs, if you’re planning to watch the livestreams and jealously stalk the Instagram feeds of those who are going, or if you’re just kind of over the whole thing, you’re probably going to love these memes. If you can’t love Coachella and make fun of it all at the same time, are you really even living life to the fullest?

1. The Coachella cactus:

2. The whitest sentence:

3. Fanny packs are crucial:

4. Is he hot or not?

5. When people won’t stop talking about it:

6. Everyone, meet Liz:

7. The realest Rugrats meme:

8. The biggest challenge you will ever face:

9. The Coachella prayer:

10. #CoachellaGoals

11. Squidward always wins:

12. Fitting the festival into your busy day:

13. Stressing TF out:

14. This means you’ve won Coachella:


15. To be fair, nothing is better than Target.

16. Missing out on the fun:


17. Can we all go to this instead?


In an ideal world, we’d all be partying it up with that goat at Coachella. If you’re going, have a blast! The rest of us will be here, experiencing major FOMO.

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