Here’s where you can watch a Coachella livestream — for everyone who favors sweatpants over crowds

If you love The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival but *also* love sweatpants and staying home, you’re in luck! The Coachella livestream will be available on YouTube again this year. Crowds? Waiting in line for the ferris wheel? Ending up stuck behind the one very tall person during your favorite artist’s set? The heat? Who needs it? I definitely don’t, and YouTube knows it. Thanks, YouTube!

The 2018 Coachella livestream will be available exclusively on YouTube this year, and will run from April 13th-15th.

That means the Coachella livestream is *only* available during the first weekend. So, if you like what you see on the livestream, maybe you can try to swing tickets to weekend number two? After all, the lineup this year is stacked (i.e. Cardi B is performing, and while pregnant, at that).

In case you’re worried about accessing it, especially if you’re at work, they’ve made it super easy for you. Billboard reports that all of the big acts will stream on “Coachella’s YouTube Channel on any screen (desktop, mobile, TV),” so wherever you watch your YouTube videos, you can watch Coachella too.

This Coachella livestream might be the only place you can catch some of the festival’s top-billed acts for a while, too.

It was revealed this week that artists set to perform at the 2018 Coachella festival have to sign some pretty serious stuff before it’s a go. Bands have to agree that they won’t play in the surrounding area for a five month radius around the festival. On the one hand, that drives up ticket sales; if you love a band and they’re coming through, you’re way more likely to hit up Coachella.

On the other, though…it’s kind of unfair. Restricting access to markets and venues for bands of *any* size seems unnecessary. Plus, everyone knows Beyoncé! For acts in the teeny tiny print, demanding they agree not to tour, perform, or travel for an extended period of time limits their ability to reach new people.

HOWEVER, not being sure when artists can come to the area again is just another reason to tune in to the 2018 Coachella livestream. No matter what, we won’t even need to leave the couch to do it, and that is the greatest gift of all.

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