Feast your eyes on the most Instagrammable things to eat and drink at Coachella, because not everyone goes for the music

Traveling is fun. Amusement parks are great. Even going to the movies in your own hometown is a blast. But you know that thing where you are most excited for the food, regardless of what you’re doing? Take Disneyland. Disneyland is one of the most Instagrammable trips you can ever take. The rides are a blast and we wish some of the old-school ones still existed. Planning your outfits for Disney day is always a fun adventure, especially with all of the new millennial pink and rose gold apparel. But, let’s be real — snacking on fun Disneyland food and desserts is not-so-secretly the most exciting part of the trip. And it turns out, people feel the same way about Coachella food.

Sure, the Coachella lineup is great. Who wasn’t like, over-the-moon excited to see Beyoncé perform and Destiny’s Child reunited? There’s no doubt seeing that many of your favorite musicians in the same place is an experience to remember. But! The food! From delicious ice cream cones to intense versions of toast (yes, toast), we are drooling just looking at some of these pictures.

Check out these Instagrammable Coachella eats for some serious food envy.

Let’s start with a classic but delicious cheeseburger. This one is actually made with a 100% plant based patty.

Or maybe you’r in the mood for some lobster mac & cheese? The mac & cheese mood is a forever mood, let’s be real.

You know those really hip sandwich pictures people have been sharing lately?

Well, here’s one, but with the most deluxe sandwich you’ve probably ever seen.

Here’s another.


Not in the mood for a Coachella food coma? You can eat light bites as well!

It’s not all crazy versions of cheesy foods. Yes, you can get poké at Coachella.

And delicious bowls.

If you’re a sharer, check out this very large “Sumo Dog” which has a lot happening.

And if you want to walk and eat, how about a chicken and waffle cone?

Or Eminem’s famous “Mom’s Spaghetti.” (Yes, really.)


Thirsty? Sip on some frozen hot chocolate. Mmm.

Once you’re ready for dessert, Coachella has your back.


Literally anything you can dream up exists here.

Like ice cream tacos!

Repeat after us: CHURROS.


So. Much. Ice cream.




Needless to say, Coachella is much more than just music. Who’s hungry?

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