These Coachella braids are giving us all the #hairgoals

Coachella is so much more than a music festival. It’s a lifestyle. And part of that lifestyle involves wearing amazing, gorgeous braids. Seriously, the craftwork involved in these hairstyles is awe-inspiring.

Below are some of our favorite looks from Coachella. (So far — who knows what next weekend will bring!) Braids (often mixed with a hint of color) are the look of Coachella this season, and we want them, we want them now!

We don’t know what’s cooler:  The adorable heart glasses or the bits of pink and blue in her hair!

Hello, goddess. We bow down in respect of your magnificent hair.

This double braid works also as a pseudo-crown.

Somehow, with all the dancing and head-bopping all these ladies manage to keep their fantastic braids looking fresh!

The play of monochrome colors in this braid have caused our collective jaws to drop:

A modern flower child:

So many fantastic layers of braids! Why wear one style of braids at Coachella when you can wear two? (Or three? Or four?)

These pancaked braids and flower crown really convey the spirit of Coachella:

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