No, CNN did not air a bunch of inappropriate material in Boston so we can all relax

A Boston twitter user caused quite the ruckus the other day when they claimed hardcore porn was being broadcasted instead of a regularly scheduled program. Twitter user @solikearose, whose account is now private, made the viral tweet during the Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown TV spot. But according to the local cable provider RCN and network CNN, it was all a hoax. 

It could have totally just been a play on words — hardcore food porn vs. actual porn — but CNN and RCN did not take the claim lightly.

Anthony Bourdain is known for showing some epic food porn on his TV specials. But in the land of television, joking about porn making its way to prime-time is not a laughing matter.

"Did anyone else with RCN in Boston see the hardcore porn that was broadcast by CNN by mistake? @solikearose tweeted. “I can’t wait until [RCN] wakes up tmrw and realizes that hardcore porn was broadcast on [CNN] instead of [Parts Unknown] tonight.

Shortly after the tweet was made, news outlets began reporting the deets without looking into it. Naturally, this ended up putting the accused parties on defense. RCN denied the claim initially, but CNN condemned the cable provider as soon as the news leaked.

"The RCN cable operator in Boston aired inappropriate content for 30 minutes on CNN last night, the network said in a statement immediately following the news outbreak. "CNN has asked for an explanation.

Goes to show that it only takes one flame to start a bush fire.

We should all think twice about we put online…you never know who could be paying attention.