This clumsy dog can’t climb or play fetch, but he’s still a supremely good dog

As humans, we tend to spend most of our lives striving for perfection and searching for it in others. But when it comes to animals, we’re a little more forgiving. For instance, there’s no way that any person could get away with being as clumsy as this dog that literally cannot climb or fetch, and still be considered irresistible and adorable.

Sorry fellow humans, but there’s something undeniably endearing about dogs that can’t play fetch or perfectly execute other common dog tricks.

In the case of Rocco, a big, furry English sheepdog, he’s tugging on our heartstrings something fierce. A dog with such a prominent klutz gene wouldn’t necessarily make the perfect animal mate for clumsy, accident-prone people because honestly, that sounds like one too many trips to the vet and the ER.

As we see in this Bored Panda compilation of Rocco being his adorably clumsy self, everyday tasks like climbing up on the trampoline to play with his little human present a huge, hilarious struggle.

ROTFL. But we still love him, tho! There are so many reasons why Rocco has his heart in our hands. Let us count the ways:

What’s not to love about this face?

He even rocks a man bun.

And has the cutest dog butt we’ve ever seen.

His onesies are hella cute.

So are his fetch fails.

And the successful ones, too.

He just doesn’t *get* chairs.

But the camera loves him.

And so do we!

Someone should set up a meeting with Rocco and Zelda, this sweet dog that fails at fetch just as hard as he does.

This would easily be the best game of non-fetch two dogs ever played.