‘Clueless the Musical’ is happening: 5 moments we’d turn into big numbers

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart and head exploding because a Clueless musical is happening. I. Am. Kvelling. First of all, I’m obviously obsessed with Clueless. Secondly, I LOVE  jukebox musicals. I love Mamma Mia! I LOVE Rock of Ages. Now, I’ve never seen either of these on stage, but I own both of them to watch and sing to in the comfort of my own home. I recently attended a Cruel Intentions un-authorized musical and had a BLAST. The point is, this Clueless musical is the greatest news. Duh. I mean, I can’t even begin to speculate about what glorious ’90s songs we’re going to hear because we’d be here all day.

Besides the clothing and the dialogue (as if!) and everything, here are 5 moments in particular I can not wait to see musical-ized on stage (and then, hopefully, soon after, in a movie):

1. Cher’s wardrobe program at the beginning

The start of Clueless gives us the greatest invention of all time which is Cher’s wardrobe organizer computer program. All I’ve wanted since 1995 when I first saw Clueless was this exact computer program. The idea of taking that scene and enhancing it for the stage has me dancing already.

2. Rollin’ With the Homies

One song we KNOW will be involved with this musical is Tai’s song with Elton, “Rollin’ With the Homies.” The Val Party alone will be amazing but specifically singing this song then watching Tai get hit in the head with a shoe will put me over the top into genius territory. I cannot wait. This is gotta be a big dance number and we’ll get to have a reprise of it when Tai burns the tape of the song later.

I hope they keep in the end where Elton talks about how he needs to take Cher home instead of Tai because I brought that up every single time my friends and I were trying to arrange rides in high school.

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for “suck and blow.”

3. All By Myself

Another song I HOPE I can safely assume will appear in this stage production is “All By Myself.” Cher’s outfit during this part is incredible, Cher figuring out she loves Josh is the best thing and man, you just need “All By Myself” as she’s sad to lead up to the amazing fountain explosion realization. So satisfying.

4. The whole romance with Mr. Hall & Ms. Geist

I mean, them meeting over Cher’s thermos of coffee, their legs crossed towards each other, all culminating in their wedding? I’m SO EXCITED about their relationship being brought to stage. Including Cher and Dionne giving Ms. Geist a mini-makeover and obviously Cher and Amber taking the podiums in Mr. Hall’s class.

5. The college party with Christian

Bonus points if they include Tai’s many costume changes throughout the scene. But also, this is when we all, as an audience, realize Christian is gay and Cher doesn’t know. It also sets the stage for the Cher/Josh romance AND has a built-in song and band with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones!

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