Not a drill: Clueless is becoming a musical!

Everyone’s favorite ’90s girl is coming to the stage, and we are totally buggin’. The New Group announced that it’s reimagining the 1995 classic Clueless this fall for an Off Broadway production, written by none other than the movie’s writer/director Amy Heckerling. (Can you imagine anyone else taking charge? As if!)

What’s more, Cher Horowitz and her circle of Beverly Hills admirers will be singing about their everyday plights — from virginity, to driver’s tests, to (probably) Calvin Klein — because the play is a musical.

According to The New Group's website, the score "reimagines '90s hits into ingenious parodies and yearning monologues" to bring a "fresh take on the story of Cher, a girl so psychotically optimistic she can't see that her bungling attempts at playing Cupid disguise her own fashion-plated isolation."

Kristin Hanggi has signed on to direct the production, and Kelly Devine will choreograph. There’s no word on casting yet (but how cool would it be if a few of the OG crew made cameos?). Will there be an ensemble piece called “Full-on Monet?” or perhaps, “I Totally Paused?” The possibilities are endless.

The announcement comes at the perfect time, too. The film’s iconic star, Alicia Silverstone, is performing Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” on Lip Sync Battle tonight, June 14th, complete with (of course) Miss Horowitz’s iconic plaid yellow ensemble.

All we know is we’re gonna be rollin’ with the homies to New York City this fall to breathe in all the high school angst and nostalgia for ourselves.

Clueless: The Musical is set to debut Off Broadway this November.

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