How did we not know about this ‘Clueless’ deleted scene?

Because it’s the best movie ever and its impact on our ’90s brains can not be overstated, we’ve been celebrating the 20th anniversary of Clueless on Sunday, all weekend long.

Stacey Dash and Elisa Donovan, AKA Dionne and Amber from Clueless, reunited to answer some burning questions about the film on its 20th birthday. The pair of betties chatted with BuzzFeed Celeb about fashion, co-stars, and the audition process. Elisa disclosed that she wishes over-the-knee socks would make a comeback already (we’re with you, girl) and Stacey dished on how the movie almost had a different Murray.

But the most shocking revelation of the Q&A was about a deleted scene. Apparently, one of Elisa’s favorite moments never made it to the final cut.

I mean, obviously the movie that we know and love could not be any more perfect. If it was even 1% more perfect, it might throw us into an apocalypse. BUT this scene sounds incredible! I’m imagining Amber surrounded by a cloud of hairspray while Cher and Di fake cough and make Dolly Parton jokes.

Stacey had some insight into why the scene got snipped. Laughing, she said “Yeah, they decided to take out the scene where we seemed like b*****s.”

In a pre-Mean Girls world, this decision probably made a lot of sense. Cher and Di, with their impeccable taste and crazy confidence, toe the line between giving heartfelt advice and full on insulting people. Honestly, that’s one of the many reasons why they are so easy to love. Maybe this ladies room scene wasn’t true to those characters.

IMBD confirmed that this bathroom scene got cut. However, fans can get a taste of what went missing in the movie’s original trailer!

The four seconds from this legendary deleted scene, forever immortalized in the trailer, are hilarious. It’s especially amazing that Di is making fun of Amber’s fairly average hair do (on a scale of one to Amber, it’s like a 5) when she herself has two fluffy pom-pom clips in her hair.

If anything, this glimpse at what was probably a fantastic scene makes me want to find my old fluffy pom-pom clips … and my little teddy bear backpack … and my over-the-knee socks.

Yup, I’m Audi. Catch ya later.

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