This dating app is going old school, hosting mixers

Thanks to a slew of apps, we can meet potential significant others with much more ease than generations before us ever could. But is this really better than the dating world of yesteryear? Getting a notification that you’ve matched with that cute guy seems great till he messages you something less than charming. You could try and make plans with someone who loves sushi just as much as you do just to find out that your schedules will never align. For some, online dating can seem like it never leaves the internet.

Clover is an app that’s looking to change that. It’s has the same “swipe to match” as many others, but also has an “on demand dating” feature. The app suggests potential spots to hang based on time and place. You and your match just agree on both of those factors and in zero seconds, you’ve got yourself a date.

In January 2016, the app is taking this to the next level by introducing mixers. Yeah, those things your parents told you stories about are back and better than ever.

With suggestions like “Game of Thrones Night” or “Rooftop Party” from the app, there’s plenty of options. But if nothing they suggest interests you, just create your own mixer. Users just join into the group and you can all chat there. Not only can you meet your next sweetheart, but also maybe a new BFF!

If you see someone you like, you could chat them up from your phone and then meet them in person at the mixer. Turns out they’re not for you? That’s fine! You’ve got a whole room filled with other single people who like the same thing as you. An awkward night of a bad dating with that one person… successfully avoided.

Inviting other single pals of yours from the app is a breeze. This means that even if you don’t meet someone who you’d be interested in getting to know more romantically, you still got to have a fun night out with one of your besties. That’s a win in our books.

Check out Clover over here!

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