You’ve never seen clouds like these before

Over the weekend, residents of South Carolina’s Isle of Palms were treated to a rare and special sight: A fire rainbow. While it may sound a little sinister, the phenomenon is nothing short of incredible. And fortunately, plenty of people had their phones ready to capture the awesome clouds.

The twisty, colorful cloud formations are called circumhorizontal arcs, and are caused by just the right circumstances coming together at just the right time. While thin cirrus clouds are developing, water droplets or ice crystals cause the bright colors as they diffract light.

The sun has to hit them at just the right angle to make the colors show-up in just the right way, but when it does, it’s nothing short of gorgeous, as you can see in these awesome Insta shots.

So incredible! Just wanted to share this gorgeousness with you.

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(Images via Twitter, Instagram)