11 important clothing questions we have for Disney Princesses

1. Ariel’s bra: How on earth is this holding up anything? It’s like a string bikini without straps. There’s no way this can be supporting her?


2. And also, how does Ariel manage to transform this scrappy sail-and-rope dress into something you’d totally buy at Forever 21…in mere minutes?


3. Jasmine’s pants: Seriously, how do they maintain that shape? What gravity-defying material can create that perfect balloon leg?


4. We also have to ask: Does that super cropped top have any type of support in it? Is it fitted? Because what happens when Jasmine lifts up her arms?


5. How does Belle tie this eerily perfect bow? Is someone doing it for her?


6. How does Ariel walk OUT OF WATER wearing what appears to be a dry dress? And also, is there, like, a store under the sea that sells sequined dresses?


7. How do Cinderella’s mice friends transform this gown? It’s a TOTALLY DIFFERENT DRESS, right?


8. Does Pocahontas really manage to be comfortable and get stuff done in the forest in a one-shouldered mini-dress?


9. What is this intriguing golden hair thing Belle wears? Is it metal? How does it stay secure? Can you get one at Claire’s?


10. Is this incredibly cute dress what everyone in Snow White’s world wears as “rags” when they’re cleaning? Because it’s really cute, guys.


11. How does Sleeping Beauty walk around in the forest barefoot without getting hurt? Or aren’t her feet even a little bit cold, maybe?


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