This clothing line is making a big statement about why size doesn’t matter

Fashion is becoming an increasingly-inclusive place for people of all shapes and sizes, and that’s thanks to forward-thinking industry players like Mallorie Carrington, the smart and glamorous designer behind the all-inclusive clothing line SmartGlamour. SmartGlamour makes “plus size clothing, straight size clothing, petite clothing, tall clothing, and everything in between and beyond,” which means that it doesn’t matter if you’re an XXS or a 6X, you can rest assured they have that floral halter dress you’ve fallen madly in love with in your size.

“SmartGlamour began because of my passion for putting an end to the problem of women’s negative self-image,” Carrington told HelloGiggles. “I believe that a lot of factors go into why women feel badly about their bodies and appearance. The two largest involve the misrepresentation of women in the media and women’s struggle with shopping for properly fitting clothes. Women above a size 12 or 14 are greatly under served, and it’s also very hard for petite women, or very tall women to find affordable, stylish options. Often when we can’t find things that fit, we ask ourselves what is wrong with us instead of what is wrong with the clothes. And when we look at ads, celebrities, and images around us and see no one that looks similar to us, we again wonder what is wrong with us. By creating affordable, fashionable, customizable clothing for every size, shape, age, height, and weight, selling it all in the same place for the same price, and depicting women in our ads and look books that represent reality (every size, shape, age, height, and weight) we are combating these problems and empowering women.”

We have big-time cartoon hearts in our eyes re: SmartGlamour’s latest campaign #SameSizeDifferentEyes. Carrington gathered up 6 models (herself included, walking the walk), that represented Small, Large, and 3x, and photographed them wearing the same article of clothing, demonstrating how clothing will vary in appearance, depending on the wearer.

“I knew I wanted the imagery to depict women of the same “size” wearing the same items of clothing to demonstrate just how unimportant your clothing size really is,” Carrington explained. “There are many body types that can fall under the umbrella of ‘Small,’ ‘Large,’ ‘3X,’ etc — so maybe we shouldn’t put so much stock into being a size that sounds pleasing to our ears. I also really wanted to continue giving more insight into how clothing is made and manufactured, where size charts come from, why they are different from brand to brand, and what women can do to navigate this easily. I hear and see women validly complain about these things in person and on social media so I wanted to give some insight onto why — to again remove some of the stress of ‘maybe it’s just me and my body’s fault.’”

It’s no easy thing being one woman trying to change the fashion industry. That said, if you’re going to do the damn thing, Carrington is an awesome example of how to get it done.

“I wish brands were all-inclusive in their sizing. I wish consumers would put their foot down against fast fashion and purchasing clothing made in sweat shops over seas. I wish the women represented in ads, look books, and all media were actual representations of diverse women. I wish editors and photographers would put their foot down against airbrushing away halves of women’s bodies. But — all of that is why I started SmartGlamour and run it so tirelessly. Because if I can do it — as just one woman making every item of clothing by hand — then I am showing that the giant corporations really have no excuse. And hopefully, if I make enough noise, SmartGlamour can become larger than I ever dreamed possible and we can really change the world by giving women what they’ve been asking for all along.”

To check out more of SmartGlamour’s gorg threads, check out their website here.


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