YAS! We are this much closer to cheaper tampons across the country!

Mere weeks ago, we excitedly told you that New York had officially signed the bill eliminating their state’s tampon tax into law — and it looks like one more state may be throwing out the economically unjust tax, too.

Yesterday, the California senate passed a bill that will get rid of any taxes on menstrual hygiene products.

In June, the Assembly bill passed unanimously. Now that it has made it through the senate, the bill returns to the Assembly once more, before it heads to the office of Governor Jerry Brown — who then decides whether or not to sign the bill into law.

Assemblywomen Cristina Garcia and Ling Ling Chang first brought the legislation to the Assembly, and argue against the fact that products such as Rogaine, ChapStick, and sometimes even Viagra are not taxed — while tampons and pads are taxed. Apparently, in the eyes of most states, menstrual hygiene products are “luxury items” — not “medical necessities.”

I’m sure then folks won’t mind if we start free-bleeding at work and school, right?

After New York eliminated their tampon tax, the number of states still imposing the tax dropped down to 39. Hopefully, California will drop the number to 38.

Additionally, as reported by the Huffington Post, economic experts have estimated that removal of the tax will help California women collectively save $20 MILLION A YEAR and the tax board is in favor of the measure.

At this rate, we may finally have a nation free of tampon taxes sooner rather than later.

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