Clever Frog Weathers Storm Under Tiny Umbrella

Who else needs a mini-break from all the royal baby hoopla, political scandals and binge-watching of Orange is the New Black? Don’t worry. They’ll all still be there for you to enjoy ten minutes from now. Come on, a little change is good. It’s healthy and cathartic, right? In fact, we’re changing it up for this edition of “The Week In WHAT?!” by focusing on non-human species doing some wild WTF stuff.

Are you ready? Are you set? Go!

Little Froggy Upstages Mother Nature

Rain makes animals do some strange things. Take humans, for example. Some love to prance around in a downpour feeling all sexy and free like Jessie J, while others practically render themselves non-functional. Well, frogs aren’t so different despite their need to maintain moist skin for survival. One particularly rain adverse amphibian put his tiny thinking cap on and fashioned his own leafy umbrella. He then camped out for about 30 minutes while waiting for a break from mother nature’s deluge, switching to another equally fashionable leaf at one point. No matter how much he tries to avoid it, there must be something special in all that Indonesian water because homefrog has some crazy intelligence.

These Geese Aren’t Just Laying

Meanwhile, China’s police force recently swapped geese for dogs when it comes to patrolling some of the country’s rural areas. According to Shawan County Police Chief Zhang Quansheng, “Geese are very brave. They spread their wings and will attack any strangers entering [someone’s] home.” For any skeptics out there, Xinjiang authorities apprehended a would-be thief after a gaggle of the waterfowl alerted an on-duty officer of the crime by shrieking loudly. In his attempt to escape, the burglar had slipped the guard dogs some drugs, making the geese the last line of defense. Rumor has it the squawk cadets are so effective that China is looking to up their level of participation in other regions. As Eden’s Crush once sang: what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Unfortunately, not all animals use their natural instincts for good. A woman in North Carolina took her dog out for what should have been a casual walk near the local shopping center. Unaware of any lurking danger, the sizable Husky decided to scamper over by the water’s edge. That was the moment dusk turned to dark for the lady’s four-legged friend. A ferociously hungry alligator opened wide and devoured the dog – all 80 pounds of it. Public safety officials considered relocating the reptile, but ultimately labeled it a threat. In an eye-for-eye moment, officers opted to shoot the gator. For the record, alligators typically feed around dusk. In addition to never smiling at a crocodil(ian), you should probably just keep your distance entirely – unless you’re looking for some Maine Justice.

Cats Be Crazy, Too!

People living near alligator infested bodies of water aren’t the only ones who need to beware of dangers while walking their dogs. While out with her pet poodle, a French woman was attacked by a pack of feral cats in the Belfort neighborhood. So much for their docile dispositions, huh? The 31-year-old victim, who is naturally still traumatized from the attack, suffered various scratches and bites. The bloodthirsty felines went buckwild, even puncturing an artery! The woman and the poodle are both in recovery, but experts have not determined what caused the cats to act that savagely. Although, some are pointing fingers at a heatwave. Could it be just a case of cats in heat… while in actual heat?

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

Image via onebigphoto.