Clear your schedule, there’s going to be a “Gilmore Girls” marathon before the revival

There are 114 days to go before Gilmore Girls drops on Netflix, and more than likely, you’re in the middle of a pretty epic Gilmore Girls binge on Netflix. But how about a straight up Gilmore Girls MARATHON?

Why pace yourself when you can watch 153 episodes ALL AT ONCE?

If this sounds like something you’ve been training for your whole life, you’re in luck. Up — a cable channel you should probably figure out if you subscribe to right now — has announced that they’re going to play all the Gilmore Girls episodes back to back leading up to the revival. The plan is to start with the pilot episode on November 18 at 6 p.m. ET SHARP, and keep running right up until the A Year in the Life premiers on Netflix on November 25th at…3 a.m. EST. But that’s midnight if you’re on the West Coast!!

Okay, not only that, but Up is promising even MORE Gilmore Girls things than just your regular Netflix binge.

“Just in time for the holidays, Up viewers will be able to spend time with another family they truly love,” Up general manager Amy Winter explained to in a press release. “We wanted to gift our audience with the ultimate catch-up event with added extras like trivia and contests. Our viewers are massive fans of Gilmore Girls, so we’re going all Gilmore all the time for an entire week.”

TRIVIA AND CONTESTS. Those are two of our favorite words when combined with Gilmore Girls. 

Start stocking up on coffee. You’re going to need it for the best 153 hours of your life.

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