Clear pumpkin pie is short-circuiting the people of the internet

Perhaps chef Simon Davies was attempting to make a ghostly version of everyone’s favorite fall dessert when he created clear pumpkin pie for the Chicago restaurant Alinea. After all, it is translucent like a ghost. Yet, no matter why it was made, the internet does not know how to handle a pumpkin pie that is gelatinous and clear instead of gooey and, well, pumpkiny.

Pumpkin pie is largely defined by the orangey squash that it consists of. But Davies changed all that with clear pumpkin pie for the modern restaurant Alinea. And it definitely doesn’t help that this pie is also the tiniest around — it’s about as big as a thumb! (Based on Davies’ Instagram account, it looks Alinea is all about those upscale, tiny portions. Hey, it is a three-Michelin-starred restaurant.)

Davies actually posted his mini clear pumpkin pie on September 24th, but the internet didn’t really take notice until close to Halloween, when it became a Twitter moment on October 26th.

That may be in part because October 26th was National Pumpkin Day — and some found the clear pumpkin pie to be sacrilegious on the Pumpkin High Holy Day.

One of the reasons that pumpkin pie is so beloved in the fall is because there’s comfort in this seasonal tradition. So we totally get that people aren’t pleased with a jello-like version.

Yet, others have more open minds about this avant-garde dessert.

If you’re wondering how Davies created this warlock of a dessert, Delish noted that in the comments of his Instagram post, he said he made it with a pumpkin distillate, so it really is made with pumpkin despite how it looks.

So if you’re not feeling a typical pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving, you can thank Davies for showing the world that even though it’s a classic, pumpkin knows how to be funky too.

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