11 clean eating Instagram accounts you definitely should be following

We look to Instagram for almost everything these days. Fitness motivation, fashion news, makeup ideas, what’s going with our loved ones — it’s the one social media platform that makes it all available at our fingertips. Perhaps most importantly, though, Instagram is the place we go when we’re hungry and need some “foodspiration.” We’re such visual creatures that we could sit for hours scrolling through all those pictures of yummy rainbow smoothie bowls.

What makes a food Instagram account truly memorable, though, is the consistency of posting pictures, links to recipes, and variety of dishes. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Instagram foodies, and each of them stay true to all that. Whether they’re a chef or just a food enthusiast, these Insta stars are all committed to clean eating, so they’re the perfect profiles to visit if you feel like you need an extra boost of encouragement to eat a healthy dinner tonight.  

Here are 11 clean eating Instagram accounts that will inspire you to cook.

1. Jessica Hylton-Leckie (@jessicainthekitchen)

Brace yourself for yummy looking vegetarian and vegan food that’s beyond easy to make on your own. Jessica runs her own food blog called Jessica In the Kitchen, and there you can find all the recipes to the delicious food you see on her Instagram. We highly recommend her jalapeno gluten-free vegan cornbread muffins.

2. Clara Marie (@clairesdeli)

This plant-based food blogger from Germany will redefine your concept of a healthy dessert. Her treats are so pretty, they almost hurt to look at. But they’re all made with natural ingredients that will nourish your body while also making your taste buds dance for joy.

3. Jeanine Donofrio (@loveandlemons)

You’ll find simple vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes on this Insta account, all of which are linked to Jeanine’s blog Love and Lemons. Many of the recipes are quick enough to make on a busy weeknight, and you’ll be especially fascinated with her lunch bowls. They’re power- packed with nutrition and taste, and they couldn’t be easier to whip up.

4. Peace Love & Vegetables (@peaceloveandvegetables)

This brand is made in a little health food shop called Jing Organics in Byron Bay, Australia, a gorgeous beach town that’s known for its healthy lifestyle (it’s also where Chris Hemsworth and his family live). They make colorful plant-based food, yummy probiotic sauerkraut, and the most drool-worthy desserts you’ll ever see. Every now and again you’ll see meat or fish on their plate, but it’s all sustainably and locally sourced. A lot of their posts include all the ingredients of the dish, so you can make it on your own if you feel so inspired.

5. Kai Nora (@knfx)

It’s impossible to find a single picture of Kai’s food that’s not jaw-dropping. She’s a vegan foodie from Germany who loves yoga, smoothie bowls, and waffles. In most of the photos she includes all the ingredients, and you can also follow along with her food adventures on Tumblr, so you can try your best to recreate what you see.

6. Carina Wolff (@kalememaybe)

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a kale enthusiast to find something interesting on Carina’s Instagram. She’s a California based foodie who appreciates organic, natural, clean eating, and although most of her recipes are plant-based, you’ll see some sustainable fish pop up every now and again. Stay up to date with her blog if you want to become a master at making vegetables taste delicious.

7. Angela Liddon (@ohsheglows)

If you haven’t read Angela’s book Oh She Glows yet, you’re missing out on some of the most scrumptious vegan recipes that have ever been published. Her food is always vibrant, unique, and full of nutrition, and you can watch her smile her way through mothering two adorable kids.

8. Kezia and Jared (@thewholefooddiary)

This couple’s approach is simple: eat whole food to live a full life. They eat a variety of healthy food, all made in their own kitchen. You’ll find recipes for salads, easy dinners, and decadent desserts. Let’s just say this husband and wife duo sure do know how to treat themselves after a long day.

9. Edgar Raw (@edgarraw)

We don’t know much about Edgar except for the fact that his food looks like it came straight out of a magazine and he really likes to incorporate vibrant colors on his plates. He’s a plant-based cook who loves yoga and the outdoors. He’ll show you recipes for everything from chocolatey fudge brownies to Cajun inspired burritos. Edgar will make you believe in the magical power of food again.  

10. Naturally Ella (@naturallyella)

Based in Sacramento, Naturally Ella is a self-proclaimed lover of coffee, tacos, and farmer’s markets. You’ll find countless recipes for pizzas, soups, and hearty dinners, all with a healthy twist. She’s got more than 70,000 followers already.

11. Minimalist Baker (@minimalistbaker)

All the recipes from Minimalist Baker are 10 natural ingredients or less. Not only are they easy as hell to make, but they’re ridiculously delicious. They boast a mostly plant-based and gluten-free menu. To give you an idea of what they’re all about their latest concoction is brussels sprout slaw with coconut bacon. Yes, that’s real, and yes, you can definitely make it.

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