All the classiest #GirlPower tees for fall, because your squad needs feminism

We all know that we’re going to have to go shopping for fall anyway, so why not add some feminism to the mix?! We’re so into the super chic, and super classy, feminist tees popping up around the internet (because that’s the only way we shop these days), and why not? It feels so good to support, and you look super cute in the process.


Our fave #GirlPower tees!

1. This Pretty Girl Cry Club tee

Yes, yes, yes. 

2. This Art Hoe Collective tee

Designed by Amandla Stenberg!

3. This Daisy Natives tee

So cute!

4. This tee that’s 100% #GIRLPOWER

Oh heck yeah!

5. Because we’ll never apologize for pizza

Pizza forever.

6. This Wild Feminist tee

Ugh, love.

7. This sporty tee

Super trendy.

8. This edgy AF tank

So, so cool.

9. And this flawless one

100% YES.

10. This self love-filled piece of perfection

We LOVE Frances Cannon!