This classical cover of Adele’s “Hello” will wreck you

Usually when I hear the word “mashup” I usually think of some guy in his basement mixing together two songs or, if I am feeling charitable, Madeon’s epic YouTube ‘Pop Culture.’ I do not think of classical music. And I certainly do not expect to be emotionally affected.

Leave it to The Piano Guys to prove me wrong. Their mashup of Adele’s “Hello” with Mozart’s “Lacrimosa” is breathtaking. My heart strings are pulled, my eyes moist. Give it a lesson and you’ll see what I mean:

I mean, isn’t that gorgeous? Let’s play it again. And again.

Twitter is abuzz in awe for this beautiful mix, with hundreds of users tweeting their love of this mashup. If only Mozart were alive to hear this now! (His 260th birthday was just a few days ago!)

According to the video’s  description on their website, The Piano Guys affectionately titled the track “Chello,” which to this pun-lover is hilarious. I’m so glad to hear they kept their sense of humor in the midst of creating such sad music!

They also described some of the process of the mashup:

Now I just have to get to a Piano Guys concert! I guess I know what I’m doing in August.

(Image via YouTuber)

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