This T-shirt is an ode to the Internet’s favorite zaddy, Jeff Goldblum

Heather Lipner has always had her finger on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist. In 2013, after serving as Myspace’s creative director and founding the fashion marketplace Uncovet, she launched Clashist, a graphic T-shirt line featuring collages of celebrities and pop culture references. It quickly won the hearts of the meme-obsessed Internet, and many of the designs were sported by celebrities themselves, such as Jenny Slate, Lena Dunham, and James Franco (who wore a shirt with his own face on it). When Clashist shut down in 2016, fans mourned its demise, and Lipner went on to create another revolutionary clothing brand, the augmented reality T-shirt line Drawsta.

Clashist was still in the back of Lipner’s mind, so in 2018, she relaunched the brand with brand-new designs under the name Clashish.

Sexy Jeff 2.0 Tee

Jeff Goldblum

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While the new brand is similar to its predecessor, it has a bit of a different vibe. “With Clashish, I don’t do as many celeb-focused tees because celebrities are simply not as special anymore for an assortment of reasons—from the discovery of a lot of disgraceful celebrities with the #MeToo movement, financial bribes, etc., to influencers turning into celebrities, to simply an overabundance of copycats of my original designs,” Lipner explains. Though, she says, like the original, Clashish is still is focused on a lighthearted aesthetic where we can “make fun” of ourselves. “It’s a type of uber consciousness of trends, people we love, nostalgia, and a sort of celebration of the mundane.”

Vanderpump Rules Tee

Vanderpump Rules

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After the end of Clashist, Lipner received thousands of design requests. When her daughter was born, which mended her heart “times infinity,” she was able to make space for creative work and answered the requests. “I just started to have a trillion new print ideas and wanted to get them out of my head,” Lipner says. “I really wasn’t trying to think about it. It was idea after idea, so I decided to just jot them down. I also have a different perspective, now as a mother, and felt like it could grow into something fun.”

We Love You Miss Hannigan Tee

Miss Hannigan Shirt

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Eventually, Lipner began waking up at 5 a.m. every day to work on designs. And if that already doesn’t make you feel lazy, Lipner mastered the art of multitasking: “I merged it with working out. So, I would just be on my bike doing Peleton and more ideas would pop in and I’d work at night or the weekend. I just got into a cycle of design and release,” she says.

Private Parts Tee

Clashish Private Parts

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It’s worth pointing out that Lipner launched not one, but two Jeff Goldblum-themed shirts, and the first was prior to the Goldblum mania the internet is experiencing now. “There’s a ridiculous demand for Jeff Goldblum tees,” Lipner points out.

Two-Headed Teddy Tee

Two Headed Teddy

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As for what’s next for Clashish, Lipner hopes to design a kids line. “I just need to find more time!” she says.

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