This Clarissa Explains It All pin is all you need to complete your outfit

Clarissa Darling, the heroine of Clarissa Explains It All was EVERYTHING. If there was one true role model for tweens and teens in the ‘90s, she was it. Clarissa (played by Melissa Joan Hart) had the raddest style, the most awesome bedroom and the coolest thing about her? She’d give it to you straight! If only we could turn to Clarissa now to explain all of life’s queries.

Aside from watching reruns of the best show ever and anxiously waiting for the upcoming novel, Things I Can’t Explain, which is an entire book about the adult Clarissa, we can pay homage to our fave gal by wearing her in the form of a pin! This enamel pin, from Laser Kitten and illustrated by the one and only Sara Lyons, is going to be your new favorite accessory. Wear it on your jacket or stick it on your purse. Either way, it will definitely get you lamenting, “I WISH Clarissa would explain it all!”

Clarissa pin, $12

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Product shots via Laser Kitten.

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