Clarisonic is launching the most luxurious and effective brush for makeup application

When Clarisonic launched their vibrating micro-sonic face cleansing brush back in the day, we thought it just couldn’t get any better than that. We were wrong. The genius folks at Clarisonic have put two-and-two together and developed an oscillating makeup brush that utilizes their trademark technology to provide the most luxurious (not to mention effective) makeup application process the world has ever seen. Huzzah!

This latest Clarisonic goodie is actually just an attachment, meaning you can pop it on any of their devices and get to work. And by “work,” we mean massaging your face with 18,000 micro-blends per minute of makeup application time.

“The idea came about several years ago when we were looking for a way to analyze wrinkles,” Clarisonic co-founder and president, Dr. Robb Akridge, told Refinery 29 exclusively.

"We included makeup in the testing process and noticed the patented sonic oscillation technology behind Clarisonic is not only great for cleansing, but also for seamlessly blending makeup across the skin."

While this game-changer has yet to hit stores, the ladies over at Refinery29 got to take the Sonic Foundation Brush out for an early test drive. And according to their experience, the process is pure bliss with a smooth application and non-porous bristles that allow a little foundation to go a long way.

Oh, and the best part? With this Clarisonic brush, you can slash your foundation application time down to 60 seconds!

Word to the wise: while this ah-mazing foundation brush will perfectly blend your liquid foundations, concealer, and primers into your skin (and this probably goes without saying), please skip over those powdered products. Given the high oscillating frequency, that would not be a pretty mess, folks.

Again, this bad boy is not on the market yet, but the silver lining: you can pre-order it now for $35. If you’re still a little hesitant about ordering right now, the product officially launches on March 30th, and you can shop it on Clarisonic’s site.

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