Netflix released a badass Independence Day teaser featuring Claire Underwood for House of Cards’ final season

Frank who? While we were celebrating July 4th with a BBQ, fireworks, and political action, our favorite fictional Commander-in-Chief was celebrating a different kind of Independence Day.

In the newest promo for the final season of House of Cards, the acclaimed series made a veiled reference to the impending absence of Frank Underwood. Giving Abraham Lincoln a run for his money in a tribute to the Lincoln Memorial — right down to the chair — President Claire Underwood delivered a short but pointed Independence Day message to her fellow countrymen and women.

While the majority of Americans were commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 242 years ago, Claire was celebrating her independence. The former Vice President, who was sworn into presidency after the resignation of her husband during the Season 5 finale, signaled a new Frank-less — and Kevin Spacey-less — era in her speech and we are so ready for it. The teaser is only 12 seconds long, but like Claire, it does not mince words.

Staring directly into the camera like the Commander-in-Chief she is, Claire said, “Happy Independence Day…to me.”

The more teases we see of Claire Underwood as president, the more we’re convinced that she should have been leading this series (and the country) all along.

While House of Cards hasn’t revealed how Frank will be written off the series, it wouldn’t be surprising if he met his end at the hands of one of the many, many people he’s harmed along his way to the top (including Claire). Frank’s swift exit came after Kevin Spacey, who played the manipulative politician for five seasons, was fired from the series following allegations of sexual misconduct last October.

Production on the sixth season of House of Cards was suspended and the season was subsequently (and rightfully) rewritten to be solely centered around Robin Wright.

Also returning for the final season of the hit series are Michael Kelly, Constance Zimmer, Boris McGiver, Jayne Atkinson, Derek Cecil, and Patricia Clarkson. Additionally, Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear have joined the cast, playing a pair of siblings.

The final season of House of Cards is set to hit Netflix later this year.

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